Saturday, September 26, 2015

To Speak Impeccably - Throw Away the Crutches!

Crutch words are words we say when we're deciding what to say next.  Meaningless fillers we repeat when we need to pause ...  um, uh, like, so, you know ... They can pop up every time we need to take a breath or collect our thoughts.  If a lady wishes to speak impeccably, then she must eliminate crutch words.

Saying "you know" has the immediate, albeit subconscious, effect of lowering the speaker's credibility in the listener's mind, implying that we're unsure of either what we're saying or how to say it.  When repeated ad nauseum crutch words become a major detractor from our speech.   

Beware of mindless words used like crutches to lean on; they make speech lame.  Take a breath, collect your thoughts, and simply let the pause be.

Impeccable Speech Habit:  Do not use crutch words when speaking.

Photo:  Elizabeth Taylor, circa 1944.