Tuesday, October 13, 2015

To Refrain From Speaking of Myself Unless Asked

"Speak as little as possible about yourself."
William Wilberforce

Our culture is steeped in social media venues which constantly encourage us to speak about ourselves.  We can barely imagine a society where it would be considered impolite to volunteer information about our current "personal status."  In a world where seemingly everyone is self-broadcasting, most have forgotten what was once a firm rule in polite society:  Do not speak of yourself unless asked.

A vital part of a mindset distinctly focused on others instead of self, this attribute distinguishes a lady from other women.  When consistently practiced, this gracious self-restraint will always be endearing and charming in a self-absorbed world. 

Principle:  A lady does not volunteer information about herself, but only speaks of herself when asked.

Art:  Young Women Talking, Renoir, 1878