Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lady of Steel and Velvet

A genuine lady is cut from rare material ...
velvety soft, exceedingly strong.

On one side, a lady is made of steel:  she is strong and not overly sensitive to her own feelings.  She is not quickly hurt, nor is she easily offended.  When others are ungracious or ill-mannered, she does not take it personally, and readily gives others the benefit of the doubt when mistakes are made. She is quick to forgive people's oversights, and never assumes the worst about another's intentions. With regard to her own emotional sensitivity, she possesses steely strength.

On the other side, a lady is made of velvet:  she is gentle and keenly sensitive to the feelings of others.  She holds herself to the highest standard of behavior in matters of courtesy and kindness, while extending grace to those who fall short of her own ideals.  

Principle:  A lady is not easily offended (made of steel), but is extremely sensitive toward others (made of velvet).

Photo: by Walter Blum, 1950s.


  1. The community does seem more pleasant if we show tolerance and patience while setting a good example with our own behavior.

    Thank you Nancy, for your posts which I so look forward to reading.

    1. You're welcome, Linda! Your comment means so much to me.