Friday, April 22, 2016

A Presumption of Confidentiality

As a general rule, a lady treats all personal information an individual shares with her with a presumption of confidentiality, and does not repeat it to others.  Even when the news does not appear to be of a secretive nature, a lady always gives the person concerned the right to tell whomever he or she pleases, and to deliver the news firsthand.  To take it upon herself to tell another's personal news would be a violation of her code.

Principle:  A lady does not repeat personal information about others.

Photo: Karen Radkai, Vogue, August 1953


  1. Dear Miss Nancy:
    Thank you, once again, for your timely reminder. I love your blog!!!!!
    Mrs. B

  2. PS: I miss your blog post!
    Mrs. B

  3. Hello There,

    I'm sorry that you no longer post, and hope very much that you are well, and that life is just too full currently. You have a unique style, very spare and elegant, no compromises. Your blog always reminded me of a vintage guide, very far removed from this strange era we all find ourselves in.

    Best wishes to you, and I will continue to visit and look for your return with pleasure.


  4. Hello Nancy, I just wanted to say that I so miss your blog. It's such a gentle breath of fresh air here on the internet.

    Hope you're well!


  5. Hello, and blessings.
    I agree with Natalie, above. I , too, miss your gentle posts.

  6. Hello,
    I so enjoy reading your posts and dearly hope that you will be posting again soon. I am using your posts to teach my granddaughter about having a lady's perspective.
    Thank you,

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