Saturday, January 9, 2016

On Chewing Gum

 "All the young ladies ... are exercising themselves with this nauseating gum game.
It is an interesting sight to see them in the parlor all chewing,
their nether jaws moving with the graceful characteristics of so many cows."
A Milwaukee journalist, July 1860

Upon observing the fairer sex chewing gum, one nineteenth century gentleman wryly noted, "the process of mastication does not enhance the attractiveness of the human face."

Over a century later, one is hard pressed to quarrel on that point. Nothing is becoming about a woman constantly chewing like a cow on its cud, even when she manages to chew quietly and with her mouth closed.

Therefore, a lady does not chew gum in public.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

To Stand Like a Lady

Jacqueline Kennedy at the Taj Mahal, India, 1962.

Popular culture is showing young women how to stand for photographs, resulting in a dearth of ladylike stance.  Virtual photos are replete with young women posing with one knee flexed and one hand on a flaunting hip.  Gentility laments for what is being lost. 

A lady stands with self-possesion, grace, and dignity.  To stand like a lady, imagine a vertical line of five points from head to toe: ears, shoulders, elbows, knees and feet.  
  • Ears should be held directly over the shoulders. This ensures a lovely, straight neck.
  • Shoulders should be straight and downward, neither hunched forward, nor thrust backward. 
  • Elbows should be slightly bent with hands gracefully at your sides, not on hips.  If hands are brought together, they should be held at waist level, not folded at the pelvic girdle.  
  • Knees close together.
  • Feet should be positioned with one slightly in front of the other, with the heel of the front foot at the arch of the back foot.  
 "...that our daughters may stand like graceful pillars polished to adorn a palace."
Psalm 144:12