Thursday, January 26, 2017

Accepting Compliments

A lady accepts compliments regarding her dress with a simple and sincere, "thank you!"  That is all.

She does not proceed to tell where she bought the item, that she picked it up on sale, or how little (or much) she paid for it.

Photo: from Pinterest


  1. Yes! I'm glad to see you're still posting Nancy. We need civility and politeness and manners more than ever these days.

  2. Hi Nancy. I was so happy to see another post from you. This one is so appropriate and so simply and beautifully written as always. Hope to see another one soon!

  3. How lovely to see a post from you Nancy; thank you. You make an excellent reminder, but for me at least, a difficult one! I always find myself telling others where I got something (silly huh? They didn't ask!). I will try to remember your advice and stay elegant while showing pleasure.

    How do you think of your posts?


    1. Thank you, Erina. The things I write about here are gleaned from my study of books and observation of the culture, as I continue to form my own code of ladylike behavior. I'm so happy to hear you're finding them helpful!