Friday, May 11, 2018

How a Lady Handles a Green-Eyed Monster

When a lady encounters a jealous individual, either in a social setting or the workplace, she does her best to understand the underlying cause, and examines herself to see if she has inadvertently done anything to instigate or aggravate the jealousy.  If she becomes aware of anything she's done to offend, she privately and sincerely apologizes and expresses her hopes for an amiable relationship.

If she is not knowingly at fault in any way, then the following guidelines govern her behavior:

  • She does her best to ignore any signs of envy directed toward her.
  • She doesn't go out of her way to avoid or ignore the person.
  • She always greets the person by name with a pleasant smile and direct eye contact.
  • She never speaks ill of the person to others.
  • She is consistently kind and looks for ways to express a personal concern and support for the person, without seeming intrusive.
A lady is patient with disagreeable people, always hopeful that kindness will win them over in the end.  But regardless of the way others conduct themselves, she sticks to her code because of who she is.

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